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At the age of 23, and playing professional basketball in the NBA G-League; I was pulled aside by the head coach and shown multiple reasons why I was not shooting a good percentage from three point range. It was halfway through the season and my 3pt % was 11.1%. The coach helped me with hand placement, my guide hand, and my follow through. He showed me drills to work on every day. I spent an hour after practice every day working on these drills. By the end of the year my 3pt% was up to 36.8%. This was achieved by shooting a sizzling 55.5% for the rest of the season. It is experiences like this that are at the core of my realization that fundamental skill development, from a professional perspective, does wonders for a players talent and providing these teachings at the earliest possible time is for the best. Crunchtime Hoops was started with a mission of providing players in Central PA instructional skill development techniques that I myself learned at the highest levels, in order to maximize a players talent potential.

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Charlie parker

Millersville University Basketball 2005-2008

Freshman of the Year 2005.

First team All PSAC East for all 4 seasons.

Player of the Year for PSAC East twice, in both junior and senior year seasons.

First Ballot Hall of Famer at Millersville University.

NCAA All American during senior season in 2007-08.

1st in games played in Millersville history, 121 games.

2nd leading scorer in Millersville history, 1949 points.

2nd in FG made in Millersville history, 734 FG made.

2nd most steals in Millersville history, 288 steals.

4th most assists in Millersville history, 454 assists.

6th most FT’s made in Millersville history, 371 FT made.

NBA G League 2009-2010

Started 20 games. Averaged 14 points per game in games started.

Iceland Express Pro League 2011-2012

-Won MVP of the Cup Tournament Championship.

-Averaged 20 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists per game.

-Awarded First Team All League and First Team All Defense.

-Coached both 7th and 8th grade girls basketball teams to national championship with an undefeated season.

Danish Pro Basketball League 2012-2013

Won cup tournament championship and overall league championship.

-Averaged 12 points and 6 rebounds per game in 21 minutes per game.

-Scored 21 points on 8-11 FG’s in Game 7 of the League Finals to lead team to victory.

Millersville University Assistant Coach 2013-2015

Sideline Cancer TBT Head coach 2018-Present

Overall coaching record in TBT 11-5

-TBT record in games aired on ESPN or ESPN3, (10-4)

I CAN Basketball Academy President & Director of Basketball 2020-Present


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